Morality, Religion And Social Standards Essay

964 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Morality is a very interesting and sometimes a very controversial topic. I believe that every person has a different vision of the word “morality”. How can we distinguish between what is right or wrong? Can the place where we live, culture, religion and social standards influence the way we perceive morality? Can something be moral but against the law and legal but immoral? What is morality? According to the dictionary[->0], morality is defined as “beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior” and as a “doctrine or system of moral conduct”. In my opinion, as a society, we should have various standards and regulations which would help us to live peacefully and make us better as citizens of the world. In many instances, people have different beliefs, standards and the perception of the world. It leads to diverse opinions and not everyone will agree with my position. I usually took right and wrong to be founded on my own code of conduct and the principal that made something right or wrong depended from the person’s intentions.

I always had a code of conduct that I tried to follow and implement into my daily existence. I usually took right and wrong to be founded on that particular code. In this paragraph, I will try to describe the code and its priorities. Let’s begin with race. I think that it is very immoral to judge other people based on the color of their skin and various stereotypes without ever getting to know their…

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