Morality Of Mores And The Severest Penalties Essay

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“The laws do not betray what a people are but rather what seems to them foreign, strange, uncanny, outlandish. The laws refer to the exceptions to the morality of mores, and the severest penalties are provided for what accords with the mores of a neighboring people” (What Laws Betray, pg 109).

Laws and codes do not make people but people make laws and codes that are especially set up to go against the things and ideas that they believe to be strange or weird and go against their reason. They then use the laws to protect them and their social norms. They then add the morality to these social norms made by them, which then gives backing to their actions. These things matters because they are setting up their reason and ideology into laws which they can then use to judge and place penalties on others who do not follow the social norm. They are trying to combine the social norm and morality to protect themselves. It is possible to use these two together but with caution and judgement. I agree that laws do not betray people. I think that some laws are backed by social norms and can be used against those who do not follow them. I think that it would be wise to be cautious when dealing with social norms and morality of right and wrong.

“We had forgotten that some greatness, like some goodness, wants to be beheld only from a distance and by all means only from below, not from above; otherwise it makes no impression.” (From a distance, pg 90).

It is hard for something great or…

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