Synthesis Essay On Advertising

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Advertising, simply put is paid adverts in order to grab the attention of consumers and direct it towards an idea, and then connecting that idea to a product being sold. However as the modern world continues to progress, and the way we obtain information drastically changes, from television and radio based to mostly the internet, the morality of advertising has been called into question once more. Advertising has become a part of everyday life and most americans are more than aware of it. Every aspect of our lives has been commercialized by companies trying to promote their products; sometimes it’s invasive, but it can also be helpful to more than just a single consumer. While advertising can promote unhealthy behaviors, it more often benefits …show more content…
As mentioned in Source D, there are now advertisements that promote the use of seatbelts, avoidance of drugs and alcohol, and inform citizens on the dangers of smoking. Companies like “The Facts” have begun countering the advertisements that promote unhealthy behavior. “The Facts”, and the majority of campaigns like it are government funded initiatives to inform consumers of the facts about smoking and sends a clear message to consumers: smoking is not cool; it could kill you. Advertising can also be essential to keeping people informed. Ads let us decide which products suit our needs best and show us what is available. Source C points out that advertising is essential when people want to buy a new car or house; without it, how would we be able to easily compare one product to another? To research a company and/or its products takes time that many Americans don’t have. Advertising is a way to quickly learn facts and let a company tell you what they are all about. Adverts even focus on the propagation of more than a single product some adverts display where a company stands on an issue such as fairtrade or ethically sourced materials. Consequently advertisements have continued to change and evolve as society has now including a focus on modern issues as well as informing the

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