Morality Is Not A Secular Idea Essay

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Morality is not a secular idea, it is quite the opposite. It is, in fact, impossible to ever create a basis on what is judged as right or wrong. Shakespeare knew this when he wrote Macbeth. The play demonstrates that Shakespeare could clearly classify someone as good and evil, but he chooses to remain ambiguous on how precise these designations are. Macbeth plays with the idea of insanity, and who is truly at fault when someone takes drastic action. Throughout the play, Shakespeare never fails to remind the audience, that morality is never just black or white. This ambiguity is displayed in Macbeth through the use of images, hallucinations, and perspective. Macbeth’s mental state has gradually sunk into a black abyss, he has lost his understanding of his own thoughts. When one loses their mind, they lose control of the products of their mind. Macbeth is so lost in the darkness of his own mind, that he cannot distinguish his thoughts from reality. “Good things of day begin to droop and drowse; while night’s black agents to their preys do rouse.”(III..II.58) This quote illustrates Macbeth realizing he is going insane, the day “droops and drowse” and the night’s “black agents” come out. Shakespeare uses very specific language in this passage, he does this by starting the first line with optimism. Three out of the first five words of this line are generally used to create a warm reaction: Good, Day, and begin. These three words show Macbeths potential of being a good man and a…

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