Morality In The Canterbury Tales And The Pardoner's Tale

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In Chaucer’s stories, The Canterbury Tales, he was prudent in his discussions of showing morality and emotion. These writings of morality and sarcasm were found all throughout his different tales. There are many different instances in which these things are seen throughout each of the tales Chaucer has written. Each of the tales has its own important qualities that account for the character that is telling the story. The The Wife of Bath’s Tale connects her character to the story in many different ways and The Pardoner’s Tale does the same thing for his character. This essay will explore the various characteristics and morals of each story and then choosing which story would best be suited a winner.
The Wife of Bath’s tale explores varying
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He gives her the decision to choose what his fate is. This shows morality because it shows how the knight changed from the beginning of the story. In the beginning he had raped a young girl, knowing that what he was doing was wrong. By the end of the story he has realized that woman want to be equal to men and he learn his lesson. He become a good changed man when he gives his wife the power to decide his future.
The wife of bath is characterized to be a woman who has had many marriages. This tale that she tells speaks to her character because if is a tale of love and what woman are seen to want. Her character seems to be a woman who knows what she wants in a man. We can infer that she wants a man who is rich and older. By telling the story she did we can see more about her character and what her morals are. She would be considered a feminist if she lived in out time based on her obvious views on woman that can be seen from the telling of her
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The pardoner is a character that is very open about his lying and cheating. He sells fake relics to people and lies for money. He is a dishonest man who uses the Lord as a way to make a quick buck. Knowing this about the pardoner, it is unlike his character for him to tell a story about how sin can come back to haunt you. He tell a story about men that lie and cheat each other and then wind up dead. This is satire to his character because the pardoner is very similar to the men in the story he tells but doesn 't believe that he has done anything wrong. He then tries to get the pilgrims to buy his relics that he already told them were fake. The satirical story could be a distraction to get the pilgrims to guys things from him regardless of them being clearly stated as

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