Morality In Different Cultures

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The nature of morality is very relative across the many different cultures in the world. Different cultures have different ways of how they view some practices of what is moral and what is not moral or ethical. And philosophers and anthropologists who study different people and their cultures have a way of rationally thinking about this topic of morality, by saying that morality cannot be viewed by one culture as correct and the other culture as wrong but it can be thought as diverse and that no one culture is either right or wrong. The truth in morality is not universal at all.
We have two ways in which we judge morality. One is according to our own standards and we use these standards to judge other cultures and the other one is by judging
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The Greeks believed in cremating and funeral pyre as way of honoring the dead by disposing of them in this way whereas the Callatians believed in eating the bodies of their dead fathers as a way of honoring and disposing of the dead. Now one time people of both cultures were summoned by king Darius a king of ancient Persia and were asked if they could practice what the other culture was doing. They deemed what the other culture was doing as unheard and said that they could not do it because it was not according to their customs. Another example are the Eskimos, who practice infanticide and also polygamy and wife sharing. When compared with the American culture, the Eskimos’ culture could be deemed as highly unacceptable by the Americans. The Americans could see the Eskimos culture as primitive and backward as compared to theirs. The Eskimos could also be viewed as people who do not have regard for human life because they are killing human …show more content…
Using moral relativity theories limits us to not judging theories rationally and there are some practices in some cultures which are very wrong. Morals can be judged by using values because values are most of the time universal in many cultures. The mere fact that some cultures disagree on one thing does not necessarily mean that we have to take the moral relativity theory that there is no right or wrong customs when it comes to moral values. One culture can believe that the earth is flat and another can believe that the world is round (spherical). We cannot use the moral relativity theory here because we know that the earth is indeed round and not flat. So using the relativity theory here would have been totally

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