Morality As A Part Of Ethics Essay

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Morality a part of ethics is a debatable topic. The study of ethics called metaethics deals with what morality is and deals with the scope of moral values. The debate in metaethics about morality is on the existence of moral facts. Philosophers have different perspective on morality and if it has a truth/false value like science does. Moral facts define morality as something that can have a truth value attached to it and thus there are principles governing what is moral and what is not. However, there are philosophers like J.L. Mackie and Gilbert Harman, who do not believe in moral realism or that moral facts exist. Mackie believes in the second order moral subjectivism. He does not believe in the subjectivism that states that morality reports one’s emotions or attitudes. He believes in moral skepticism which means that there do not exist entities or relations or objective values of a certain kind (Mackie in Perry, Bratman and Fischer, p. 778, 2016). Harman believes that we cannot observe moral facts because morality cannot be treated like science which we can observe and conclude to be true. He believes that moral values are more like mathematics where we take something to be true not by observation, but because we know it is true (Harman in Perry, Bratman and Fischer, p.793, 2016.). On the other hand, there are philosophers like James Rachels who are against subjectivism in philosophy. He believes that there are moral facts, but their truth value weighs on reason rather…

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