Morality Arises From Deeply Felt Instincts Case Study

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Morality Arises from Deeply Felt Instincts

Love for your own offspring is transformative,enlightening,humbling and probably the most real thing we can experience. Parenthood is what endless love feels like.It is marked by understanding, protection, and sacrifice. The bond of a parent and child is the selfless, human part of life. The part where one would move their body in front of their kin to take a bullet without a blink of an eye or second thought. If I was a professional ethicist and a parent came to me with a deliberate and urgent ethical dilemma I would relate the moral theory of care ethics to the situation. The dilemma is that her ill child needs expensive medication in order to live, but she has no financial resources to obtain
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Considering the aftermath of stealing the medication from the pharmacist and understanding that it would cost money to replace the drug while also resulting in betrayal of friendship, even if the pharmacist never found out. I would still advise the theft and justifying it with the end result of saving a life and preserving a child to parent relationship with full potential for growth. In the ethics of care, a commendable answer would be to advise the parent to steal the medication in order to save her child even if it means a betrayal of her friendship. On the grounds that this theory puts family needs above the moral obligations, the parent owes his child whatever it takes in order to help cure him so he can live. The contemporary moral theory of care ethics it is not applicable with rules of principles and allows for the possibility of doing things that are usually impermissible when a close relationship is …show more content…
The parent is well aware of the consequences of betrayal and is obviously close enough to the pharmacist where she is seeking advice on wether it is morally wrong to steal from a friend to save her child 's life. If the pharmacist doesn 't find out there will no effect on the friendship between the two but if he does, I think that if the parent explains the situation to him he will understand the act was done without malicious intent and they could work out a payment plan. Although there is a slight friendship between the parent and pharmacist I presume that the care ethics would still support this act because family ranking comes first in the importance of relationships, especially the relationship between a mother and child. According to my personal observation the pharmacist doesn 't not seem like a close friend in relation to the parent because friends are the people you can share your secrets with, cry with, laugh with, and just have fun with. It is not clear wether the pharmacist is informed of the situation and the urgency of it, but regardless even if he did know he didn’t seem to care or try to help. It is only natural caring; which is simply the feeling of care as it comes about in a situation when there is someone in need. It is only natural that in a friendship we feel compassion towards the other person including their pain and want to

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