Morality And Ethics As A Kind Of Compass Essay

1176 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
Humans have succeeded in creating a connected multicultural world, where we tackle our problems through rational thought, using common morals and ethics as a sort of compass. The fate of humanity and the world is almost entirely in our hands. With growing technological power, we are more connected through communication than ever, yet disconnected from the ideals of our fellow man. In America, we label ourselves a democracy, a nation that gifts power through majority decision, a process deemed fair by ourselves. Yet we have created a system that deliberately segregates the population, a bi-polar left and right wing which by definition will never see eye-to-eye. Modern medicine has nurtured Earth’s population exponentially, paired with the ferocious resource consumption of man, conflict is no doubt imminent. As humanity develops so does its problems, and so must its problem solvers. But when we think about our problems we must first ask how to think. It is negligent of society to not demand common knowledge be the basics of “how to think” and allow such study to remain elective throughout life. How is it that a student through public education is versed in the quadratic equation, the Civil War, and human anatomy but not the meaning of value, duty, and happiness? Specifically in high school, where we chisel out who we are and start asking where we want to go, philosophy class should be just as mandatory as english, math, and history.
High school is important because of how much…

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