Theme Of Cruelty In Frankenstein

In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, cruelty is the emphasized theme in majority of the development of the plot. Victor Frankenstein, conducts a deceitful expedition to inherit satisfaction into creating a life, but over a course of time, Victor and his monstrous creation became dumbfounded by their own egocentric aspiration and aggrieved condemnation, in which it concluded into an appalling adversity for both Victor and his monstrous creation. Mary Shelley demonstrated to the audience that it is unchallenging for cruelty to ruin and turn a blameless victim into a cold-blooded, monstrous creature. This was demonstrated through the aspiration and dedication that Victor and his monster had in order to seek vengeance and also the lack of understanding with each other. A theme in Frankenstein is the idea that someone will go above and beyond for the sake of an aspiration. This was shown during the …show more content…
Victor was the God of the novel but he was not really God because he abandoned his creation when he saw that the outcome was. Victor was not being the parent that he was supposed to be with the monster but instead he neglected him and the monster became lonely in which made him become a murderous, and dangerous creature. Everything could have been avoided if Victor made the right choice and did not neglect the monster, but he did so therefore the monster became a predator. To summarize, Frankenstein is the novel about cruelty. Victor and his creation was consumed by the cruelty in which this made both of them lose all of the happiness that they have acquire throughout their lives. Cruelty is a choice and not a destined fate. The monster is an innocent victim of fate. Victor and his creation both end as monsters due to their actions and not their appearances. In addition, cruelty is a choice, and it is their choices that made them so miserable, not

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