The Character Of Adeline Yen Mah In Chinese Cinderella

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Everyday, we wake up and go through our daily lives, having fun with our friends and family, never thinking about how other kids in the world may have it. For example, at one point in our live’s, I am sure that everyone has once been upset that they had to hang out with their “lame” parents instead of their group of friends. We should be grateful that we have parents that want to spend time with us because not everyone has that going for them. This is seen in Chinese Cinderella with the main character Adeline Yen Mah. Adeline’s mom died when she was very young, causing her to go live with her father and evil stepmother. Everyday, Adeline was treated with disrespect from her stepmother and step siblings. She would work extremely hard everyday …show more content…
Not long after Adeline was born, her mother passed away. Her siblings would refer to her as the “cursed child” and say that she was the reason behind their mother’s death. Adeline never knew to think anything different, meaning she believed what they would say. Soon later, Adeline was forced to move in with her father, stepmother, and step-siblings. Not only did she not have a connection with them, she was completely neglected. Whenever anyone would speak to her, it would be words of criticism. At this point, Adeline learned that she would have to do things by herself. This was not always easy, which we can see when Adeline tells her friend “Never get involved. That’s my motto. I hurt no one. And no one can hurt me” (163). This quote shows how Adeline keeps everything to herself. Adeline had absolutely no support from her family. She had to walk herself to and from school everyday, do her homework alone; the only time she would see her family is at the dinner table, but they still would not talk to her. She eventually gave up trying to create a bond with her siblings. Everytime she would attempt to talk to one of them, all would come back a nasty remark. Taking Adeline’s nine years of age into consideration can show that anyone can do things for themselves. No matter there current situation, there is no need to depend on parents, friends, or anyone heavily

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