Moral Values In Business And Ethics In A Good Business

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A.Good business is good morals
Agree. A good business can also be morally good if they follow the rules and regulations that are given by the state and they also should follow business ethics that will attract customers and other business partners

B.No Business person who is “going places” can afford the luxury of worrying about morals. Disagree. No person should sacrifice his/her morals just for the sake of maintaining his luxuries
C. Every business person operates on the basis of some moral philosophy, whether he is aware of it or not.
Agree. Business person are also normal person, which I believe is inclined with obligation both in morality and ethics. Although, business person have different perspective and outlook when it comes to judgments,
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In the business world, moral values have more to do with ideals than with practice.
Agree. Moral values should be more of being into idealism. Because idealism is an example of accepting and applying moral values in making decisions, which is very essential in the business world. Being idealistic is the choice of doing what is good and what is right, regardless of the negative effects it may lead, which is prior to a traits needed for businessman to be sustainable in the industry, which is to choose what is right for the many. It should never be practical for it only outlooks the good side of a decision. Choosing a path, that would be good at the end, but will have negative and bad effects during the process, and to the people involve in the venture should never be a trait of a good businessman.
E.Stay within the law, and you can’t go wrong morally with business decisions.

Disagree. Simply because there might be laws that are legal but not moral. In business there are business decisions we make that are within the observance of law but are not morally applicable to consumers and the environment.

F.Business Ethics is mainly a matter of conforming to the expectations of the people you are dealing
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Business should be done by the agreement of both parties while being guided by their moral rules. Doing a good business does not mean always agreeing instantly. Decisions of both parties should be according to individuals judgements about being moral. Besides not all expectation of other people are good for which as a businessman we have a moral responsibility to promote the common good and not just to acquire profit for our ownsake.
G. Business decisions involve economic realism, not moral philosophy.
Disagree, because in making decision for the business, they always think what is best for the people and for the country. They use both economic realism and moral philosophy in making decisions. Economic realism is an act or practice of the people towards the situation of the economy. This is where they think of solutions to the economy’s problem. Moral philosophy is knowing the rightness and wrongness of a person’s action. This is where they examine the solution if it would be a good action for the business or it would create a negative output.
H. Moral values and religious values come down to one and the same

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