Moral Theories in Health Care Essay

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Desai pinky HSC601:-Healthcare Policy and Medical Ethics Date: - 10/06/2009
Question 2: What moral theories are the most important in the healthcare reform debate?
The four moral theories which have been refereed in the book satisfy one or the other aspect of the ethical analysis and also keep the foundation for further analysis. However no theory satisfies all the relevant criteria. All the four theories have pointed out their ways and means to reach a decision which is correct and ethically considered. All the theories have reached some of the goals in the common like autonomy, privacy,
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However the importance of the autonomy is that if and only if the individual knowingly act in accordance with the universally valid moral principles that pass the requirements of the categorical imperative.
In the utilitarian theory the major flaw is immoral preference and actions. Even if the individual performs the act to produce the overall utility for everyone but if accidental the greatest possible utility is not achieved then the action will be wrong and it will be considered against the act. According to this theory the individual should perform the act in such way that it provides benefit to the most of the people regardless of their feelings and preference of their opinion. This has led a question that an individual should have to consider every action and their consequence before implementing this theory. Additionally one has to take into account the proposed alternatives before performing the action as any unexpected results would prove utilitarian theory wrong and unethical as it was not able to provide the benefit to the society. Another major flaw with this theory is that difficulty in defining the line between morally obligatory actions and supererogatory action. The heroic donation of the bodily parts such as an kidney to save another person life is unethical. Whereas with

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