Moral Stress Case Study

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Is moral distress a significant problem for the health care professional?
Moral stress can be a significant problem for health care professional, patients and the work environment. Moral distress arises when a nurse knows the right thing to do, but institutional constraints make it nearly impossible to pursue the right course of action (Fernandez-Parsons, Rodriguez, & Goyal, 2013).
There are many different things that can cause moral stress some of the reasons are as follows:
• Health professionals trying to provide the best care for their patients but having to decrease costs, this affects how their decisions are being made which can cause moral stress.
• Working with nurses who short cut their patient care and not doing what should be done.
• Health professional
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Think about potential pitfalls and strategies to get around these pitfalls.
Moral distress will never be eliminated from health care but it can be mitigated (Fernandez-Parsons, Rodriguez, & Goyal, 2013).
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Hi Tonya, I know that as nurses that we are supposed to try and not be judgmental. When I am asked if I am judgmental my response is I try not to be judgmental. I think that at some point every nurse has been a little judgmental. When dealing with the sobering cell have you ever been judgmental? I ask that because it is hard not to be a little judgmental when you are dealing with the same frequent flyers in the sobering

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