Moral Requirements Essay

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Moral Requirements

Moral Requirements Universal moral requirement are a personal area of interest, due to human nature, morals and religious beliefs as to whether each circumstance is right or wrong is up to an individual. All the topics that Lenn Goodman touched upon are all wrong to everyone no matter how you dress the stories up. There is no way to show that each one has some kind of good to it, due to the nature at extent of each one. Take for instance genocide "it target an individual because they belong to a certain group or believe in something" (Goodman, 2010). People are murder due to what they are associated with, due to another individual of power that doesn't like something about them. Like for instance
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Today terrorists are very much a part of our daily life, they still make headline for doing something major around the world. The best part is when they find a terrorist cell that is about the put a plan in effect and the government stops it from happening. Eventually in a perfect world everyone would get along and the threat would be gone. Slavery has been around since America was founded by Columbus in 1492. Slavery is still present today in a society that doesn't always see it happening "human trafficking of slaves from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Russia and Czech Republic" (Goodman, 2010). As long as there is people paying for young men, woman and children and parents that are willing to sell for a price or even parents that are not attentive to children; there will always be a market for them. Most people are promised a better future and follow only to find out that the road is long and hard. There is debt to be paid for a high price usually in sex and the individual is usually drug, so there is not fighting the situation from happening. I've seen this first hand from spending a year in Korea on a year remote. Most of the young woman were sold by their parents to bar keeps for a price, most young girls came from farmers and they needed the money for the rest of their children to survive. The girls would dance and there buy out was like 10 to 20 thousand dollars to get them to marry an American and get them

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