Moral Philosophy : Kant 's Philosophy Essay

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Moral philosophy teaches individuals the difference between right and wrong. Furthermore, it is meant to teach human beings how to decide what is moral and ethical in truly difficult dilemmas where ethical decisions are involved. Various notable philosophers have contributed to the study of moral philosophy. Most notable and influential in the study of moral philosophy is Immanuel Kant. Kant’s ideas influenced Rationalist and Empiricists. It is said that Kant transformed philosophical language by introducing new terms . Criticism aside of Kant’s work continues to influence philosophers presently .
Kant’s works are well known in many areas of philosophy. However, for discussing the area of morals and ethics, his ideology of good will, duty and human rights can be applied. Kant states that good will and duty should be acted upon not based on the consequences . However, they should be acted on the moral laws of human rights . According to Kant, “The laws of freedom, as distinguished from the laws of nature, are moral laws .” Furthermore, good will is when it acts out of duty, not out of predisposition . Kant states, “in order to conform so far with the common phraseology, we may allow the application of the term "inclination" even to that which can only be the object of an "intellectual" pleasure in the sense of a habitual desire arising from a pure interest of reason .” Simply stated, we should act from the respect of moral law. Moral law consists of a set of maxims, which…

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