Moral or Immoral Essay

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Moral or Immoral Should people have the power to act as God? Should scientific studies be limited? Some people would say yes, while others would say no. There are countless debates that are constantly going on in the biological field. Two examples of these highly debated topics are stem cell research and euthanasia. In the U.S. today, many people are questioning the morality of stem cell research and euthanasia. Stem cells are cells that can renew themselves. They have the ability of making an organism regenerate its tissue. Many people disagree with stem cell research because it involves the human embryo, therapeutic cloning, and preimplantation. To initiate the creation of a stem cell, the procedure requires the use of one of these …show more content…
Lately, stem cell research has been very successful; however, many disputes are still being held on the morality of the issue. The termination of a human embryo, therapeutic cloning and preimplantation are all possible procedures that can lead to medical breakthroughs; however there are other controversies besides stem cell research. Euthanasia is defined as the taking of a life, either by the request of the patient, the patient's family, or for the patient’s benefit as determined by others who are empowered to make that decision. Voluntary euthanasia is a terminally ill patient's decision to spare them great pain and agony. Non-Voluntary euthanasia is when a patient has not given any permission or consent. Intentional euthanasia occurs when a patient is killed through euthanasia by action, or euthanasia by omission. Euthanasia by action is when a patient is killed by lethal injection. Euthanasia by omission is when a patient is intentionally not given the essential nutrients the body needs to survive. Euthanasia brings up questions for many people. Oregon and Washington are the only states in the U.S. where euthanasia is legal. Lawmakers in other states have avoided allowing euthanasia because there is concern of patient abuse. Supporters of euthanasia insist that the government is allowing inhumane suffering by not permitting euthanasia. However, the laws are still in place to

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