Moral Education And Moral Development Essay examples

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Moral Misbelief in Our Education System
“There is no greater godliness than to transform yourself with the way, no greater blessing than to escape misfortune” (Tzu 547). Education at a young age reflects upon how the individual learns to behave and work towards a better understanding of the world. Learning is merely in intake of information whereas moral development involves the application of discussion with the process of learning. Moral development is not encouraged in our current education system because some teachers don’t care about the students as much. It is the teacher’s goal to teach and maintain certain morals, however, it is still up to who the person hangs around with.
Actions and morals distinguishes one person from another. The ability to work with the things around them makes them different "The gentleman is by birth no different from any other man; it is just that he is good at making use of things” (Tzu 547). Everyone is the same and is the actions that they do that makes them separate from one another. The mindset is developed at birth when the individual is being taken care of by their parents. Their parents are the ones that teaches them the right and the wrong as they start to grow to become adults. People learn from their mistakes and they do what is best in the current situation to build a stronger learning. They start at birth and develop their moral behaviors at a never ending paste. In his essay, “Encouraging Learning”, Hsun Tzu states that…

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