Moral Distress A Significant Problem For The Health Care Professional

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Is moral distress a significant problem for the health care professional?
Moral stress can be a significant problem for health care professional, patients and the work environment. Moral distress arises when a nurse knows the right thing to do, but institutional constraints make it nearly impossible to pursue the right course of action (Fernandez-Parsons, Rodriguez, & Goyal, 2013).
There are many different things that can cause moral stress some of the reasons are as follows:
• Health professionals trying to provide the best care for their patients but having to decrease costs, this affects how their decisions are being made which can cause moral stress.
• Working with nurses who short cut their patient care and not doing what should be done.
• Health professional who make judgement about patients and do not provide the care the patient needs because of their own biases against the patient.
• Health professionals who do not believe in abortions, that have to schedule a patient for an abortion.
• Health professionals that know a patient should be a DNR, but the family wants the patient to not to be a DNR.
• Patients that are brain dead being kept on life support.
• Not enough staffing to care for patients
There are many issues that can cause moral stress and professionals need to understand that issues need to be addressed, because if issues are not addressed it can cause harm to patients, harm to the health professional’s wellbeing, and create staffing issues.
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