Moral Dilemma Ethics : ' The Ethicist ' Essay

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Moral Dilemma Ethics Essay
Imagine you discover one of your close friends has been falsely embellishing his academic achievements, claiming he has several graduate degrees. You are concerned about him and want to confirm the truth. When you gracefully approach him with your curiosity, your friend denies the accusation. Instead of giving counter arguments to prove his claims, he only rejects yours. Time has passed and you are no longer close friends. Recently you discover he is now engaged to a woman you know. With mutual friends connecting you and the woman, you ponder on what action you should take next. As much as you don’t want to associate with this man again, you adopt his fiancée’s perspective. If you were the man’s fiancée, you feel that a person with such knowledge about your soon to be husband should tell you this information.
This same situation was anonymously submitted to the New York Times Magazine, “The Ethicist”. The public is invited to seek ethical advice through this column by reading or offering morally conflicting positions to receive a second opinion. The dilemmas presented to Kwame Anthony Appiah are challenging situations which people can’t decide the morally right outcome on their own, thus needing further assistance. Mr. Appiah considers these questions and then provides ethical advice for the sender to ponder. When applying moral theories to this dilemma, the consequentialist, deontologist, and virtue theorist perspective would support informing the…

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