Brayden Case Study Psychology

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Brayden enjoys answering questions or sharing his work with the class, on a constant basis. When closing my reading lesson, I asked if anyone wanted to share one similarity or difference they wrote with the class. He immediately had his hand held high with a smile on his face. Of course, other students raised their hands as well, so I began by calling on students who hadn’t given an input throughout my lesson. I called on a couple of students and then stated “It’s time to line up for specials.” Brayden was very upset by this, and began to sit with his head down, so going against my usual reaction to this behavior I let him share with the class. He began reading off every similarity and difference he had wrote, and when I tried to stop him …show more content…
Although as my observations continued I started to see a different side of Brayden. He was getting into arguments more often, and crying when he did not get his way. However, he still participated in class discussions, and always sat quietly during individual assignments. This change in personality happened soon after I began working with him one on one for my case study.
One of my observation days I pulled Brayden aside and began an interview, that would help me decide which levels of moral development that he was in. I told Brayden the story, noted as an example scenario in Piaget’s moral development.
Me: If a boy bumped into the table and broke 15 cups by accident, and another boy broke one cup trying to steal a cookie, which boy should be punished, or should they both be
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Another situation that warrants this placement is a situation that had occurred on Brayden’s Birthday. As I entered class during Book Fair week, Brayden approached me and asked if he could go to the book fair. I discussed this with Mrs. Odell, and she stated that they were scheduled to go on the following day. Brayden became agitated “It’s not fair I should go today because it is my birthday!” This lasted throughout the day, and Mrs., Odell finally gave in during dismissal and allowed him to go. I believe that because it was his birthday that he should be allowed to break the rules, and do what he wanted to

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