Jean Piaget Theory Of Moral Development Essay

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Moral development focus on the emergence, change, and understanding relating to the interactions with other people and society. There are three components of moral development: moral reasoning, moral behavior, and moral emotions. The moral reasoning consists of what we choose to think and why we choose to think that way. Therefore moral behavior is the behavior resulting from facing a moral dilemma. The moral emotions assist with the feelings: shame, guilt, or pride associated with right or wrong actions. Moral reasoning is the reason a person has to decide whether a behavior was right or wrong. Jean Piaget Theory of Moral Development, he wanted to know how children think about rules, regulations, and justice change over time, along with children conceptions of justice. Piaget discovered …show more content…
Kohlberg believes moral development continues throughout life. However, his theory of moral development is separated into 6 stages. Everyone starts out in stage one and continue the stages in order but the stages are subcategories for each level. Level I Preconventional Morality focuses on the connection to the self without worry for or expansive comprehension of the standards and traditions of society. Next is stage one punishment obedience orientation in this stage morality is self-serving and the person worries focus on results and disciplines. Stage two instrumental purpose and exchange is self-serving, but the primary concern is longer an result and discipline, yet rather on what can be exclusively increased through trade with others. At level II Conventional Morality moral thinking focuses on connection to the worry for wide comprehension of the standards or traditions of society. This means someone at this level is worried about what other individuals in a given society think. Moral reasoning in stage three mutual interpersonal expectations, relationships, and conformity is concentrated on what others in a specific culture think, portray concerning the ordinary

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