Moral Courage At A Workplace Essay

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Moral Courage in a workplace

At some point in or professional life, most individuals will battle ethical dares in the workplace that will require moral courage to address and resolve. Some situations may include a co-worker who steals has a difficult attitude, or a time when a close peer calls in on multiple occasion leaving staff short handed, bribery you witnessed or a time when a close peer asks you to keep silent about harassment. At times like this, making the correct decision to report unethical behavior can cause inner conflict and external turmoil among colleagues. Managers and workplace that create a basis for moral courage can help enable the correct behaviors in the workplace.

Moral courage is the aptitude to make ethical decisions and sound moral judgments as a result of one 's experience, knowledge and personal development. Ethical decisions are stereotypically made on the basis of personal conscious while also considering the possible consequences on the individual and his colleagues. In other words, someone with high moral standards will not just deliberate his or her own best interests, but also the interests of others. This allows them to distinguish between what is right and wrong in the workplace.

Employees with moral courage often model correct behaviors. They identify strongly with the mission, values and goals of the organization. While there are many employees and managers who may be willing to participate in rule bending, persons with high ethical…

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