Moral Consequences Of Abortion

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Imagine that a loved one was killed before it even got the chance to grow up and experience the world. Imagine that a baby is peacefully resting in its Utopia when it suddenly experiences the biggest amount of pain having its limbs torn out and within seconds, it becomes dark. Just like that, the innocent baby will never have a chance to encounter what humans experience every day. Merritt Tierce has been pregnant five times and by her third pregnancy, she got an abortion. Tierce was in poverty at that time and she was depressed. She was occasionally having affairs therefore she had no idea who the father of her baby was, Tierce had another abortion a few years later due to an abusive relationship. Tierce explains these abortion experiences …show more content…
Based on the fact that abortion is murder coincides with the idea that women will realized the immoral actions they have taken. These actions will have an affect on women mentally and physically. Abortion can potentially be a life risk because “two or three women out of 1,000 need follow-up care for...after a medical abortion, with a death rate of 0.5 out of 100,000” (Bazelon). Given that the percentage of medical care and death rate exist suggests that some women could possibly be affected physically after an abortion. However, many people that are desperate for abortions risk an immoral act of committing an unsafe abortion. Likewise, “approximately 68,000 women die...of unsafe abortion and between two million and seven million women each year survived unsafe abortion but sustained disabilities” (Theodore). The fact that women either die or endure disability suggests that the law should be overturned due to the fact that women are highly affected and deprived of their future because of abortion. Not to mention that abortion can also affect women mentally because of the realization that they had done an immoral act. According to Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper, it states that women who commits abortion will be guilty and will carry the burden with them in death (Foster). Given that women will carry the burden with them in death, it is clear that abortion impacts women mentally because they …show more content…
If the law of legal abortion is overturned, it would definitely reduce the number of deaths in the world. Babies would not experience any pain or torture before having the chance to experience the world. This has a great effect on American society because infants would not be robbed of their future and they are able to grow up and experience life that all humans do everyday. Should people really have to think about whether abortion is the right choice? The answer should simply be no. Considering how gruesome abortion methods are, why should abortion even be legal? Legalizing abortion equates to murder of human beings so is it okay to kill a human? One should not even hesitate to think about whether or not abortion should be illegal because no innocent infant deserves to die in such an inhumane

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