Marriages Persuasive Essay

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While there are many reasons why people marry and divorce what are their reasoning’s for each, and what are these individuals expecting in each of these categories in terms of a macro/ micro-level of (marriage); or a macro/micro-level of (divorce). So, why do people marry most would say because they finally found true love, others might say because the mate is their soul mate; whatever the reason people marry to unite as one. “In fact, the principal reasons for marriage reflect moral or religious views and social norms that it’s the right thing to do” (Jones, ASID, IIDA, IDEC, and Phyllis Sloan Allen, pg. 260). Though, marriage boost morale and strengthens one’s relationship, however, it doesn’t mean they’ll stay together forever; what it means …show more content…
261). However, getting married just to get married can cause problem to later surface, and can eventually lead to heartache; and sooner or later end in separation or divorce. While marriage is very sacred, and many women wish they could or will marry someday, others marry because the feel it to be a necessity, or because they had a child out-of-wedlock; while others were forced to marry to provide their child with legitimacy rights. Others marry due to peer pressures from friends, family, and loved ones pressuring them to marry to be complete and happy; even if their marriage wasn’t all that wonderful or secure. Sometimes women look to marry men for money or financial security, hope that they will get them out of debit; or shower them with exotic gifts that will bright their styles to which they can flaunt. While others marry to become independent, and to leave the nest under the watchful eye of their parents; or to escape from conflicts within the home or their

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