Moral And Ethical Behavior Of The Middle Ground For Everyone Essay

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We, as individuals, have values associated with everything around us, including other human beings. In a more sociological term, values are how, as a group, we tend to relatively see things as desirable or not (Values.) Since we all individually want to see people act in a certain way around us, in search of the middle ground for everyone, we have established numerous social norms, the standardized rules that a society—big or small—lives by, to regulate how the members of such society behaves. There are two special kinds of norms: folkways and mores. Folkways are casual norms; in other words, they are norms that originate from casual activities and interactions that are routinely repeated in everyday life, and that, in turn, regulate them. Mores are stricter version of folkways that sets course determine moral and ethical behavior (Crossman.) Sanctions are the societal reaction to the violations of norms, and they come as either rewards or punishments, depending on how the society takes the violation (Crossman)
I had a chance to observe a couple of violations of norm in public myself. The first encounter happened at a shopping mall, where a male shopper was wearing a pretty fit shirt and a much skinny pair of jeans, and behaved quite sassily and femininely, standing out of the general crowd to catch attention of many other passerby shoppers. The attention he got wasn’t necessarily the most hospitable; there were a number of side-eyeing, head-turning, and whispering from…

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