Moonshadow Chapter Summaries

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In chapter one it is mostly explaining Moonshadow and his family, there's his grandmother, mother, and his father. The chapter is of moonshadows early life and how he has been fatherless all of his life. The chapter how moonshadows father was in the united states of america in what the tang people call the land of the golden mountain or demonland. Moonshadows father is working in San Francisco for the demons or americans. His father left in search of gold and moonshadow only knows him by letter and by stories. A Great memory moonshadow keeps of his father are the famous kites he created. Occasionally Moonshadow and his mother will go out to the park to fly the kites. Since moonshadows father is in california his father wants to bring him over …show more content…
Moonshadow gets a new job of delivering groceries finally Moonshadow one wooden writer have enough money to send over grandmother and mother. The Leasa visit the Whitlaws every 3 Sunday's of a month. Eventually Moonshadow what is done finish their airplane they think they can make money by having one show eventually Moonshadow what is done finish their airplane they think they can make money by having flying shows. One day Moonshadow goes into the barn and strangely sees black dog in their blog dog that's evilly angry M3 and Moonshadow telling him he will cut off his nose ears and tongue. Black dog steals Moonshadows money and scurries away he is then reported by windrider to the sheriff. Moonshadow and windrider are on the top of the hill flying Dragonwings when they decide to make Dragonwings 2.0 One early morning the company pays the lees a visit. The company wants to financially help the lees. The whole company goes to the top of a hill to fly Dragonwings. Unfortunately the plane begins to break and windrider ends up with a broken leg and ribs because the plane crashed into him. When the doctors fixed him right up he decided to finally being his family to America for

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