Moonlit Landscape With Bridge Analysis

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Both Zadie Smith and Edwidge Danticat’s write about taboo things in their societies at the time, for Zadie Smith and her story “Girl with Bangs” she talks about a woman falling for another woman, and beginning a romantic relationship. With her story “Moonlit Landscape with Bridge” she talks about this new generation not helping those less fortunate. In Edwidge Danticat stories she has a similar basis, in “New York day woman” she talks about people’s secrets sides that they don’t want anyone to know about, including the woman in the story own daughter. In “Night Woman” she writes about a Haitian prostitute, doing her job with her son sleeping in the same area. Writing about these things were unheard of taboo, or too sensitive for people during …show more content…
This shows that she has a secret life that not even her daughter knows about. A lot of people have these secret lives and feel ashamed to tell anyone, the narrator shows this when Suzette questions whether her mother would have said hello to her if she was the one to spot her (241 Kirszner, Mandell). She’s worried that that she step into her mother’s personal life. Today however humans have personal lives and our own secrets things but it’s not a huge deal or shock. Davinia Yalimaiwai and other analysis of today focus more one Suzette's relationship with her mother, more than her mother’s secret life, as shown when Yalimaiwai says “…reads like a love poem that honors her mother’s words, wisdom, and work – aspects of her mother’s life that shape Suzette’s own social and working life as a Haitian-American” (58-59), this shows the relationship, and the guidance Suzette's mother tried to instill in her was what got people talking, not her secret life like people back in the 1990 probably talked about when this first was

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