Moon Shadow Research Paper

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In the Middle Kingdom (China) lived a boy who wishes to see his father.Moon Shadow’s Father traveled to “The Golden Mountain” (America) a place where so called “Demons” live. As Moon shadow was talking to his mother Another boy named Hand Clap (Moon Shadow’s Cousin) said that they need him at the Golden Mountain so Hand Clap talked to the mother and a few minutes she said “ok”. The boy was so excited to see his father he hopped on a boat and they shipped him off to the Golden Mountain. As the boy got off the boat a man took him to a small office and asked him some personal questions after that was over he went to an old landry place and saw a bunch of people he quickly scanned the room for Hand Clap and saw that he was talking with a few other …show more content…
Sense Moon Shadow and his father didn't know that much english they just bowed.and the “Demons” had a smile on their faces. One day Moon Shadow was taking out the trash and these “Demons” Came from the shadows in the alleyway and were throwing pebbles at Moon Shadow. And Moon Shadow was so mad that he said “Me no like you” And sense Moon Shadow didn't speak english very well so the children just started to laugh at him. After a few months have past Windrider was building a plane but it didn't work windrider hurt his arm in the process and there had been rumors about Black Dog Getting into fights and now Black Dog has involved Windrider (Moon Shadow’s Dad) and one night when they would visit the company Black Dog came home with stab wounds and after a few months Black Dog was killed. And his uncle hasn't even came out of his room in three days and when he finally did come out of his room his eyes were all puffy and red.But after that tragedy happened another hit san francisco. Thats right an earthquake hit, and people were buried in rubble and some savaging their homes for useful supplies and Windrider helped Mis Whitelaw repaired the house with wood planks and the help of other people and they noticed that a lot of people were heading somewhere south so they decided to follow on

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