Moon Shadow Analysis

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The story starts in China when Moon Shadow starts to talk about how he has never met his father because he left to the Golden Mountain before he was born. He talks about how he heard stories from his mother and grandmother about how his grandfather got lynched as he stepped on the land, Moon Shadow then gets a letter from his father, Windrider, asking Moon Shadow to come to America with his uncle, Hand Clap. Mother and grandmother think it’s a bad idea but he goes anyway. After the voyage over to America, Moon Shadow gets inspected by Uncle Bright Star, he goes to hug his father. He learns that all Tang people live in Tangtown or Chinatown. His uncle and father work at a laundromat in Chinatown. Moon Shadow then finds out that most women aren’t coming to …show more content…
Windrider moves to a demon’s home on Red Rabbit, his horse to see if it is a good place or not. The lady, Mrs. Whitlaw, was very nice and not a racist demon woman. She has a niece named Robin. The Whitlaw’s were very nice to Moon Shadow and Windrider because they offer food and treat them well. After they leave Moon Shadow must continue to work because he works every but Sunday. Everyday though Moon Shadow was allowed 30min off so he used them to visit Mrs.Whitlaw. He tried to teach her about dragons. He mostly had a good wherever he went, but sometimes encounter mean demon boys Robin also messes with Moon Shadow in a playful prankster way but Miss Whitlaw scolds her for it. The Whitlaws are especially surprised with how good Moon Shadow’s English is when he is talking about airplanes. They give him books about planes and the Wright brothers. He writes to the Wright brothers to the beach. In July Moon Shadow and Windrider get a response from Mother and Grandmother about their move to the demon area. They are worried and told them to be careful. Rubin and Moon Shadow begin to bond more and more. Moon Shadow gets bullied by Jack again and they have a

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