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Case Study: Using the Balanced Scorecard to Move from “Management by
Experts” to Managing for Results through Data-driven Decisions
By John McGillicuddy, Mecklenburg County General Manager
Today’s heightened emphasis on accountability requires a new model of managing publicly funded resources. No longer can local government rely on department directors making subjective decisions as the resident expert in their field. Implementing a balanced scorecard provides a comprehensive and consistent approach to managing for results using data-driven decisions aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, goals, and strategies.
In 2001, Mecklenburg County began its journey with a long-term vision of the community in 2015. Seven years
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This vision is summarized by the tag line: In 2015, Mecklenburg County will be a community of pride and choice for people to LIVE, WORK and RECREATE.
In July of that year, County Manager Jones made a commitment to Managing for Results
Mecklenburg County Case Study

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(M4R) using the balanced scorecard as the primary performance management tool. The
M4R philosophy centered around making data-driven decisions based on objective measurement of results achieved. By January 2002, Jones provided a recommended balanced scorecard that was approved and adopted by the Board. This “Community &
Corporate Scorecard” included desired outcomes tied directly to the Board’s 2015 vision for the community. More than 8 years later, the Board’s vision has remained the same, despite numerous changes in members of the Board and despite various changes in political majority of the Board. In addition, the Board continues to use (and amend as needed) its Scorecard in reviewing performance and establishing priorities.
This vision was established before there was any inkling that Mecklenburg County, as an organization, would embrace a Managing for Results philosophy and before anyone in the government organization knew much of anything about a tool called the balanced scorecard. In this sense, while the elected leaders created something they knew had value, they could not have recognized the

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