Essay on Mood Disorders : Symptoms And Symptoms

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Assignment # 4 Mood Disorders
Life has its ups and downs, everybody experiences situations that effect our mood and confronts with feelings of good and bad. Our moods are undergoing enduring states of feeling that colour our psychological lives. Moods reflect our emotional experience, including a depressed, anxious, or elated state of mind, which can be a result of disappointing occurrences or dire circumstances. It is normal and appropriate to be happy about elevating events, it is just as normal and appropriate to feel depressed by dismal events. But people with mood disorders experience disturbances in mood that are unusually severe or prolonged and that impair their ability to function in meeting their normal responsibilities. Mood disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Depression is the most common mood disorder, a person with depression feels “very low”, symptoms may include; feelings of hopelessness, change in eating patterns, disturbed sleep, constant tiredness, inability to have fun, and thoughts of death and suicide.
The depressive disorders are considered Unipolar because the disturbance lies in only one emotional direction or pole with absence of mania. Disorders that involve mood swings are Bipolar. People with bipolar…

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