Mood Disorders And Bipolar Depression Essay

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What are mood disorders? How many different types of mood disorders are there? “Mood disorders are defined as a disorder marked by a significant change in one 's emotional state that seriously interferes with one 's ability to function” (Pastorino, 2013, p. 593). In other words, suffering from a mood disorder not only affects your emotions, but it also affects the way that you preform tasks and interact with people on a day-to-day basis. “Mood disorders are one of the more common psychological disorders, affecting approximately 9.5% of adult Americans in a given year” (R. C. Kessler, Chiu et al., 2005). Mood disorders affect many people in the United States alone in a given year. There are many factors that lead to mood disorders. Most of these factors are biological, some are psychological, and others may just be societal (Pastorino, 2013, p. 593). “There are two different basic types of mood disorders including unipolar depression and bipolar depression” (Pastorino, 2013, p. 593).
“The DSM-IV-TR indicates two categories of unipolar depressive disorder: major depression and dysthymic disorder” (Pastorino, 2013, p. 594). Major depression can include symptoms such as loosing interest in things that were once pleasing to the individual, also feeling as if no one cares about them, thoughts of suicide, and having delusions and, or hallucinations, and lastly their appetite and overall behavior changes (Pastorino, 2013, p. 594). In order for said behaviors to be classified as…

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