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Keenan Brown
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Canadian Geography 120
May. 1 / 2016 7 Landforms Regions of Canada The movements of the Earth’s plates have altered the land we live on and therefore altering our way of life. Because Canada is in a temperate climate the four seasons change the already vast set of landscapes each year making them change even more. In Canada we have several different landform regions full of different species, habitats and minerals all unique to their own region. Along with each region, different properties are present giving each a different climate and changing the lives’ of the people who live there. The first of several covers a good half of the
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Erosion has rounded the mountains over time, creating a landscape of rolling mountains and hills. The Appalachians are characterized by a wealth of large, beautiful deciduous broadleaf (hardwood) trees. During the 19th and early 20th centuries the Appalachian forests were subject to severe and destructive logging and land clearing. Animals that live in the Appalachian forests include squirrels, rabbits and deer, which have greatly increased in abundance as a result of the elimination of the Gray Wolf and the Eastern Cougar or Mountain Lion by European settlers. There are long ocean bays which provide deep harbors for ocean freighters. The Innuitian Mountains are located in Canada’s arctic territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. In some locations mountains measure over 2,500 meters high and 1290 km in length. They are young mountains and so erosion has not had a huge impact on the mountains. Being above the tree line, any vegetation ceases to exist. They are largely unexplored and populated by the northern indigenous people who live there. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands are south of the Canadian shield, in Ontario and Quebec. It is also the smallest landform region in Canada. It consists of glacier deposits of huge amounts of soil, sand and gravel. The landscape is full of flat plains with small hills and deep river valleys. It is a well-suited place for farming because of the excellent soils and warm climate. Before heavy

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