Monty Python 's Life Of Brian Essay

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The film “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” follows the life of Jesus’s Jewish contemporary, Brian, and his unwilling rise to messiahship. Some claim that “Life of Brian” ridicules faith in Jesus Christ, mocks His suffering, and offends people of Jewish faith. However, the film does not aim to insult its Christian or Jewish viewers; it is a satirical commentary on how people follow politics and organized religion. Some, such as Rev. William Solomon, argue that “Life of Brian” ridicules “faith in Jesus Christ” (Rawls). These claims are invalid; the filmmakers are respectful towards Christ’s teachings. When Jesus gives his Sermon on the Mount, the atmosphere of the film is reverential and serious. The characters’ interpretation and responses to the scene make it amusing. For example, a man says “I think it was ‘blessed are the cheesemakers’” and a woman replies with “what 's so special about the cheesemakers?” - this simply highlights religious misinterpretation. The people’s mishearing of Jesus’s message of love and peace is comedic, not the message itself. Viewers may also consider the characters’ making light of crucifixion offensive as well. For example, one man trivializes the form of torture by telling another he’ll “probably get away with crucifixion.” Others say there “could be worse,” it’s the “best thing the Romans ever did for us,” and it’s “a doddle. But these instances do not “make fun of His suffering” (Rawls). This is partly because crucifixion was a common form…

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