Montessori Schools Are The Most Important Parts Of All Of Our Lives

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There are so many choices for an education these days. You have traditional public schools, private schools, charter schools, and Montessori schools. Education is one of the most important parts of all of our lives. While education has such an impact on all of our lives and our future, some of the most important learning happens when someone is in their childhood. Children make up 20% of our population, but are 100% our future. Although every school has its strong points, Montessori schools seem to be preparing their students the most for the future. Montessori is just a different teaching style; anyone can teach students the Montessori way which helps provide more jobs for teachers. In Montessori schools the desire to learn is effortless and is allowed to grow. Montessori seems to be the most beneficial because they have a high level of achievement, learn through play, and have different grading scales than most.
There are always different reasons to put students in certain schools. Montessori schools have been proven to show a higher level of academic achievement. These students are not taught to memorize or to compete for an “A”. These children do not take standardizing tests so they are not compared, they are one individual who succeeds on their own with out being put on a scale. These children know that learning is not a race, it is suited to their own independent pace. Instead of the children going to the teacher for the answers, they are guided to find the solution…

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