Montessori Philosophy: the Planes of Development Essay

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Montessori Philosophy: The Planes of Development
Most people’s idea of how children grow and develop is a steady continuous movement along a path from point A '' birth, to point B '' adulthood. Maria Montessori’s philosophy on how humans learn differs in that she believed learning for children and youth occurred as a series of waves or cycles. After years of observation, Montessori concluded there are four distinct planes of development that everyone must pass through on their way to adulthood: birth-6, 6-12, 12-18, and 18-24.

In each of the planes she believed that children and youth are drawn to different skills and activities and if they are provided with the opportunities to explore and practice them, children can make
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You can support your child in the Second Plane of Development by:
• modeling good friendships and how to make friends
• respecting your child’s individual pace of learning; your acceptance of their differences will make it easier for them to accept themselves
• being there for them during social difficulties, and supporting them to sort things out for themselves
• accepting that you are no longer the centre of their universe
• living a moral life, so that your child can see a living example of right and wrong, fair and unfair, just and unjust
• surrounding your child with role models from outside your family
• using their innate love of fantasy, heroism and valour, as well their keen imagination to help them to learn and grow
• by giving them plenty of concrete learning experiences so that they can progress to abstract thinking slowly, and only when they are ready
• fostering their independence and giving them all the responsibility they can handle

The Third Plane: Ages 12-18
The third plane of development is the period of adolescence and marks the end of childhood. Youth in the early years of the third plane of development (12-15) are much like their counterparts in the first plane; they can be self-absorbed,

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