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Research paper on Montessori Education
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This research paper intends to explain and describe factors and features of Montessori education and Montessori school. It illustrates the practical implementation of Montessori education. It is an old method of education operating since 100 years. It started from the indigent nursery school in Rome and afterwards, it continued to expand at a larger scale. Approximations specify that over 5000 schools in the U.S.; 300 communal schools and few high schools apply the Montessori curriculum. Montessori program is featured by multi age classrooms, and a special curriculum of instruments (Lillard & Else-Quest, 2006). One of the famous works known
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Research suggests that this sort of autonomy in the classroom actually benefits the students more so that constant discipline and structure, as students learn to enjoy their independent work and therefore waste far less time in the classroom.
Montessori Curriculum Also unique to the Montessori classroom, subjects are not taught in isolation, but rather are interconnected and taught simultaneously. This allows for students to progress at their own individualized rates, a primary purpose of Montessori education. Students work independently on multiple subjects, allowing them time to advance at a rate in which best suits their personal growth. Additionally, many Montessori schools institute multiage classrooms, in which students of various ages and grade levels share working space. Again, this allows for individualized progression as competition between students is minimized. Most students remain relatively unaware of their “rank” in the classroom, and therefore have little sense of surpassing or falling behind fellow students.
Role of the teacher in Montessori Schools Because students function very differently in the Montessori classroom, the role of the teacher differs from those of the traditional classroom as well. Unlike traditional teachers, in which they provide students with the information, the primary goal of Montessori educators

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