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In the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, many characters are introduce throughout the story and most of these characters undergo an indentity change at some point during the novel. The main, and by far the most dynamic character, is Edmond Dantès. Dantès is the protagonist of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel. Edmond lived his life honestly, that is until he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Taking place in Marseilles, France in the 1800’s, Dantès fights for his freedom and pursues many acts of revenge against those who wronged him, but all of this revenge takes a toll on who he is as a person. Dantès is a man of disguises. The disguises he has are essential to his overall character. Throughout the course of the novel, Dantès, otherwise known as The Count of Monte Cristo, transforms into a completely new person. Identities are the very basis of what makes humans who they are, and the ups and downs Edmond Dantès faces throughout the novel are what changes him so significantly.
Before his imprisonment at the Chateau d’If, Dantès lived the life of a promising young sailor. Dantès is a naive and
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This particular classic shows many dramatic identity changes, which all build up to The Count’s real, fully developed identity. Dantès many hardships throughout the novel, such as his imprisonment at Chateau d’If, is what shapes his character. These hardships are what influence the many indentity changes to come later in the novel. The Counts need for revenge is also a principal example of his many indenity changes. Dantès undergoes several changes throughout the novel, including finding the person he should and wants to be through his lover, Haydée. This novel has many prime examples of indentity development throughout the course of the story. Indenities may be the most important things a human can have and Edmond Dantès shows how somebody’s indenity adapts through the situation a person will face throughout their

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