Polytheistic Vs Monotheistic Religion Essay

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Religion, the one thing that gives people hope that when we are done living our lives on Earth there is another life to live. Religion has evolved as everything does, there are polytheistic and monotheistic religions.Both the types of religions have evolved vastly from where they began. Firstly the class discussed Mesopotamia, which was on of the first civilizations talked about int class, they were a polytheistic religion, that had many gods for many different things including every region had one god to rule over them. There has been and evolution of temples (ziggurats) since the beginning, it started as a temple, and eventually went to a step temple called the ziggurat, which had the main temple on the very top. The priests and people that worked fro the priests as well as officials lived closest to the …show more content…
This religion is Zoroastrianism, they thought good thoughts, did good deeds, and said good words. This religion is what separated the Persian Empire from the Mesopotamian and Egyptian Empire. We also talked about the Mayan Empire which were polytheistic and had gods that controlled the agriculture, and everything else including priests, human sacrifices were normal for them. The Silk Road was a major event that effected religion. With the silk road spanning from China to Italy, it gave religion the chance to spread easily by word of mouth. China was a very powerful country, they got their rulers from heaven by the mandate of heaven saying that god chose the leader of China particularly the Zhou Dynasty and nobody should question him nor what he does. When the Han Dynasty was in control of China is when christianity first started and when monotheistic religions became more popular. This was a major conflict between what the romans

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