Monotheism Is The Belief Of Only One God Essay

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Monotheism is the belief in only one god. For many, there is a lot of different "gods". However, I choice to believe in the one true God. Some people have asked me, "Why do you believe in God? He doesn 't exists!" My response to them is quite simple. "He created you and me. He created nature and the beauty all around us." They then proceed to ask "How do you believe in a God that allows pain and suffering?" I believe in God because he gave me life. That 's why I know I can out my faith in God when pain and suffering comes into the world. How can you choice to not believe in him when he created everything and cares for you?
I believe in God because I have seen the things he has done in my life. He saw this three year old little girl in an orphanage in Russia. He saw this sweet, innocent child that he brought into this world. He placed a strong impression in my families hearts that their family of three wasn 't complete. He saw me in a little orphanage located in this little patch of Russia between Poland and Lithuania off the Baltic Sea. I choice to believe in God because he saw me and wanted the best for his child. He gave me a family. He gave me everything a child could ask for. God gave me a family who loved me, who cared for me, who wanted to protect me, and God gave me a family who only wanted the best for me. I look at everything God has done in my life, and it makes my faith to believe him only grow stronger. The scripture that reminds me of God 's love for me comes…

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