Monopoly Essay

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Monopoly in a Stratified Society

Introduction to Sociology
Fall Semester, 2013

Monopoly in a Stratified Society
Introduction to Sociology – Fall 2013

In an interactive lesson designed to illustrate the effects of social privilege within a class system, four individuals played two 60-minute games of the board game Monopoly. The purpose of the exercise is to provide students with an opportunity to observe multiple sociological concepts and apply learned theory to support the analysis and conclusion of their observations. The first round used traditional rules of play included with the commercial game. The second round rules, recording and reporting procedures and specific empirical methodology guidelines discussed herein are
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The players’ in the lower positions however, had lost all hope. They had no desire to play and though their positions were identical to that in the first game, their perception had been dramatically altered. Herein lies the most valueable lesson in this exercise.
What must it feel like to be a member of America’s lowest socioeconomic class? The lowest class in this game was collectively pittied by the group, but their lack of income all but eliminated them in the first hour. Current media coverage indcates a rising animosity towards social welfare programs and a demonization of those who find themselves in need of public assistance. This seems directly opposite of what Marx predicted. The attack does not appear to be on the most powerful, but upon the most vulnerable. Why? As the super-rich, become progressively moreso, why does their responsibility to the stability of the system not increase? (Kendall, 2013, p. 236) Why is the burden to provide at least the bare necessities to the less fortunate not shifted to the most capable? The top 1% own 42% of the nation’s wealth; 35% of that belonging to the super-rich (Kendall, 2013, p. 237). The highest reported federal income tax rate is 39.6% according to documents available on, as of October 17,
2013. The higest income bracket using inflation-adjusted figures is defined as income above $440,876.
(Tax Foundation, 2013) Here is evidence of

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