Monomyth In Avatar

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The amazing world of Pandora with the story that was created by James Cameron to demonstrate Joseph Campbell’s monomyth. Campbell observed that the hero went through many similar situations in every story. The hero begins to separate from their daily life to go initiation a quest that they finish the quest and return home. However, Cameron designed the film Avatar in some a more modern plot of the hero and used a lot of effects to complete the whole monomyth. The whole story of the Na’Vi and the humans try to fight for their beliefs. The Na’Vi, the native of Pandora, fight to keep their home and forces of the forest balance. The human, the native of Earth, try to fight for unobtanium to receive a great amount of money for it. The scientist …show more content…
Cameron used the main character Jake Sully ,paraplegic and a Marine, step in his identical twin brother’s steps after he was fatally shot. His brother was a scientist that was going to Pandora and had his own Avatar. The research company was grateful that Tom, Jake’s brother, had a twin brother because it went that their money was not a waste. Jake begins to receive plenty refusal of the call when he rolls out of the plane because he was in a wheelchair and had no avatar training. Including Jake rejected avatar Jake as his brother and not his. Norm corrects him that the avatar looks like him. The third refusal in the first couple hours in Pandora continues with Dr. Grace Augustine, head of the science department and the writer of Na’Vi, did not want Jake because he was a marine not a scientist.
Cameron made an amazing way to contribute the supernal aid that Jake had throughout was his avatar. He could use his legs and he was able to do things that he could not do with his regular body. When Jake first was in his avatar he wanted to walk and he was so impressed that he could move his toes. He then ran through the field and he digs his toes through the
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Neytiri continues to teach him slowly how to ride the horse, the language, hunting skills, the harmony of the forest and the people, and trying to become one of the people. Jake had to make sure that he mastered all the skills to be one of the people and be part of the clan to finish the first quest of the colonel.
When Jake hunted his ikran he flew with Neytiri she flew him to the tree of souls were the Na’Vi believe to be the most sacred place where they believe were the purest souls go to at the end of their journey. The locations where everyone goes there at the moment of desperation and they come for some peace. It is the moment where he meets the goddess of all life in the forest.
Jake is having a hard time to decipher his human and his Na’Vi life. Jake belongs with the Na’Vi compared to his own race. Consequently, the time that the colonel assigned to Jake to understand and inform them of what the Na’Vi wants to exchange for their land. Provided that, Jake is going through the atonement with the father. The colonel has his end of the deal of Jake receiving his legs. Jake informed the colonel that he needed another night for his ceremony to become a man in the clan. Where he would complete his journey for the best for

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