Monologue Of Tybalto And Juliet

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JULIET: I wish the sun would book it, no fake, So my boy-toy can come into my arms to mash maybe third base. If not, love is tard. Night is a righteous time for third base. I wish night would come like ash people, So then I can kick my virginity to the curb. Let the blood I’m sportin’ in my cheeks take a chill pill.
Let me, a virgin, learn how to score a homerun so that it’s legit.
Come fave boy-toy, you’re so dexter in a world of airheads.
You’re totally happen’en.
This day needs to motor, hand over Romeo
And when I’m road pizza, I hope he’s road pizza too
He’s like totally fresh
Its like I’ve played M.A.S.H and got the mansion but can 't move in yet
Romeo and I totally belong to each other but he hasn 't taken me yet
This day is
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I’ll give my trippin’ body back to the Earth. Me and my boy-toy’s body will rot together in the same coffin.
Tybalt was the best homeboy I ever had. Oh, Tybalt was a stud, he was so tight, man. I wish I was road pizza before Tybalt.
What’s crackalackin’? Is my boy-toy and Tybalt dead? My boy-toy and Tybalt? Let the punks play their jams Because who can live if they are both road pizza?
Tybalt is dead and Romeo was kicked to the curb. Romeo murdered Tybalt; Romeo is kicked to the curb.
Whoa...did Romeo make Tybalt road pizza?
I kid you not! This is the worst day ever.
Oh he’s such an airhead disguised by good looks Did a dragon ever hide in a bomb cage? He’s a rad guy with an angelic glow. He’s a nerd that can punch like jock. I hate him so much, but he’s the raddest person I know. He turned out to be someone completely different. He’s a scum that should be punched. He was a good guy that was so trustworthy. Oh boy toy what were you thinking? Why did you turn into a cousin murderer, man? Was there ever such a legit book with such a tight cover? I can’t believe something so cool turned into something so evil.
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Get me a freddy-
This sucks, stressing is making me old
Get real, Romeo…
I hope you get sores in your mouth! He wasn’t a babe in order for you to bash him! Romeo should never be bashed. He deserves to be penciled in! I was such a scumbag to be mad at him.
Are you going to say good stuff about the scum that killed your cousin?
Should I talk smack about him? He’s my husband. Pity my boy toy. What betty wouldn’t make his name scum? And I have been a major scumbag even though I’ve been your wife for legit three hours. But why did you kill my cousin, homeboy? My cousin would have killed my husband. I’m too punk rock and hardcore to cry, I can’t cry! I might cry if Romeo is alive, But I should be crying because Tybalt is dead. My boy toy, who killed my cousin, is alive. Tybalt, who wanted to kill my boy toy, is road pizza. None of this barfs me out. Why should I be almost crying? There are other news that aren’t so tubular that makes me want to become road pizza. But it does suck and I think about it too much. Tybalt is dead, just complete road pizza, and Romeo has been kicked to the

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