Essay about Monolingual Vs. Bilingual Education

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Monolingual vs. Bilingual Education and Public Schools
The United States is currently experiencing large influxes of immigrants in the public education system. Since the majority of these immigrant children speak a language other than English, schools are faced with the burden of educating them in content, language, and culture, with few effective resources. The Supreme Court places immigrant children in the public education system with their ruling that all persons, regardless of documentation, have the right to free, public education (Nelson, 2013, 157). Coupled with No Child Left Behind legislation’s expectations for all learners to be held accountable to high academic standards, this nation’s education system faces a dilemma (Nelson, 2013, 159); What is the best way to educate English Language Learners (ELLs) in order for them keep pace with their native speaking peers, as well as preparing them to be contributing members of society?
Recently, the population of people who speak languages other than English has drastically increased and will continue to increase in the upcoming decades. At the present time, “almost 19 percent, or one fifth of all school children in the United States speak a language other than English at home” (Garcia, 2009, 175). However, throughout the United States’ history, bilingual education and bilingualism has struggled to gain acceptance. Due to the high percentage of ELLs in the school system, each state, district, and school must decide how to…

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