Essay on Monogamy Versus Polygamy

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Monogamy versus Polygamy Nobody ever said marriage was easy. Marriage is a vow to remain honest, true, and faithful, and a promise to always love and cherish the chosen one. In many cultures worldwide, young girls dream of the day that her knight in shining armor will come to her, sweep her off her feet, and propose marriage in a rush of romance. This dream of love is instilled in cultural values and beliefs that affect the child throughout his or her upbringing, which result in her expectation of her one-and-only. There are, however, cultures in which young girls have a different expectation for the moment that marriage will come for her. Rather than a dream of love, acceptance of an understanding of a
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The peacock, the most beautiful of male birds, is notoriously a philanderer and a poor provider.” (Tucker, 1993, p. 34) This proves that within nature, with the ability to choose, women are deciding to seek that perfect combination, even at the ultimate cost of one monogamous relationship.
Polygamy is practiced by numerous cultures and societies throughout the world. Polygamous relations are never taken lightly; the decision is a decision often by a divine being, which has laid down these rules for purity and goodness. “According to Mormon theology, polygamy was no mere alternative lifestyle choice; it was an essential aspect of the divine plan, to be set aside by the faithful at their eternal peril.” (Kaveny, 2005, p. 7) The Koran of the Islamic culture allows polygamy, albeit under strict rules. All wives must be cared for in equally dispersed economic conditions, which in reality constrict the practice of polygamy to the wealthy.
Interestingly, polygamy is often found in clusters throughout the world, with the Utah Mormon culture in the United States as an exception. The majority of cases of polygamy are most often found in the southern hemisphere. Large societies that tolerate and even promote polygamous marriages are the elite of the Muslim societies and the majority of native tribal cultures in sub-Saharan Africa. “In parts of

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