Essay on Monitoring And Inspecting Items For Possible Damage

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Two areas that could be trained within the Packer position are monitoring and inspecting items for possible damage. Monitoring is one of the few skills needed to perform the job. In our job analysis, we defined monitoring as assessing and adapting the performance of yourself, others, and the organization for improvements. This is necessary to meet productivity demands. Monitoring is vital to the packer, as The task of inspecting items for possible damage was part of the Quality Control dimension. This task involves analyzing the items for potential damage or problems before they are placed on the conveyor belt for shipment. These two areas were selected, as they were proven vital through our job analysis.
Many of the KSAOs required to be a Packer, are not trainable, as they are physical needs that must be selected for. However, monitoring is trainable, and is considered to be important to nine of the essential functions of the job. Those essential functions included attending and contributing to daily meetings, maintaining a clean work space, maintaining a pace to meet productivity demands, and many more. Therefore, it was selected to be a part of our training program.
The task of inspecting items for quality control was also selected to train, because it was rated at the highest level of importance in our job analysis. It is an integral part of Amazon’s goal to give customers a “first-class” experience. Packers were shown to be the last associates in contact with the…

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