Essay on Monitoring And Controlling A Project Management

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While conducting research of project management and one of the process groups – monitoring and controlling – there are 11 processes within that group that span all 12 knowledge areas (PMBOK, 2013). The PMBOK illustrates a great foundation for project managers to build a concrete framework for successful monitoring and controlling. That foundation includes inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs needed for success. A Project Manager may face challenges along the life cycle of a project but being able to effectively monitor and control activities with tools, mechanisms and knowledge can reduce those challenges and turn them into opportunities. This paper will outline the definition of monitoring and controlling, lessons learned and challenges a project manager may face with monitoring and controlling a project.
Defining Monitoring and Controlling
Successful monitoring and controlling is the efficient tracking of a project progress and efforts from project initiation to project closure. It is the ability to identify deviations from cost, schedule and performance. Then identifying courses of action to take control of deviations and further implementing the appropriate course of action to obtain the desired outcome (PMBOK, 2013). Project Managers will spend a lot of time planning, executing and coping with changes along the way. There are tools and mechanisms that can assist the project manager in tracking project progress and efforts like: expert judgement, analytical…

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