Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk Analysis

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Monica Lewinsky is someone that I have only heard about. I didn’t even know who she was, or what she did, but I saw a lot of “memes” mocking her on the internet. I was born in 1999, so I wasn’t even alive at the time of her scandal with Bill Clinton. And my parents didn 't see a need to tell me about her scandal, as it was not going to affect me in any way. There was no reason for me to know. I wasn’t particularly interested in her story either. However, watching her TED talk clarified a lot of things. It was a very powerful, moving speech, that really hit close to home.
Ms. Lewinsky is one of the earliest examples of cyberbullying. In 1998, there was no social media, but there were other news outlets, which included newspapers, television,
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She mentioned a college freshman named Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide in 2010, when his roommate streamed footage of his private life without his knowledge. The video attracted many views and hateful comments. Unable to live with the humiliation, Tyler ended his life by jumping off a bridge. The fact that the torment was so bad that he didn’t want to live until the next day says a lot. It demonstrates the lack of compassion in these people’s hearts, the people that sit behind a computer screen and hurl insult after insult at people they may or may not know. The fact that these people can remain anonymous only makes it worse. They don’t think of the pain they cause, and they don’t worry about getting caught. To them, it’s all fun and games, until one of their victims ends his or her …show more content…
Paparazzi, reality shows, political tabloids, and gossip magazines have all become sources of ridicule, humiliation, and gossip. There is no more respect for other’s privacy. This is something that we can end, by ignoring videos, articles, or pictures that are overstepping the boundaries of privacy. When we click on a video, picture, audio, or article, there are usually advertisements that come before or during the video, or they surround the article/pictures. This is how these people make money, through advertising. If we continue clicking on these links, we will encourage the growth of these websites, and the number of victims of cyberbullying will only get higher.
Cyberbullying is a crime, no matter how you look at it. Monica Lewinsky is a prominent example of infringement of privacy and the aftermath. To this day, people insult her via social media, or via internet memes. I never understood them before, but now that I do, I feel more compelled to end cyberbullying than before. This has been going on for 18 years, it has to be stopped. People make mistakes, and they will regret these mistakes. But there is no reason to have a permanently constant reminder of these

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