Moneybag Essay

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Case: Moneyball
The Oakland A’s short term vision & strong focus on analytics would let them run a profitable team through an entire season on a low budget.
Beane relied on a team of two Ivy League analysts focused on statistics in order to provide Beane the necessary tools to undergo a series of trades at half of the season, where trends became serious and teams would focus on next year´s. The Oakland A’s identified a flaw in the market, which was the on base percentage, rather than the hits.
People criticized Beane for not winning championship even the owner of the A’s, even when he was getting much more money was also complaining.
Buy a winning team or a losing team | only interested in profit.
I would
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So far, they had been successful.
Lecture Notes
Economic profit = Revenue - Economic Costs (includes opportunity costs)
Accounting profit = Revenues - Costs
Opportunity cost for a shoe selling company is that they are using the store only for selling shoes, not selling another product or renting or selling the store to another firm.
In class Example…
Accounting cost – tuition expenses
Economic cost – (salary)
Take out costs which would actually be included in both and compare economic vs. accounting!
Accounting costs are not the right concept for economic decision-making.
In class example… Cell phone license
Dentist and artist win license, the biggest opportunity cost is the action of selling it to another phone company who would run it better and would be willing to buy.
Economic profit focuses on where resources can be used more efficiently

Economic Rents – is called the price premium
Zero-profit condition: entry and exit work to move economic profits in a market toward zero
Every market should be operating at 0 profit.
There can be economic profits on the short run, the things that are moving around the value of a firm’s resources/assets that adjusts to make profits zero
Industry with entry cost of a license
Economic profit = Revenue – direct economic costs – market price of license
Example. Bunch of oil wells with different extraction costs
If you had the good well, that would be

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